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Tourcycle 2014 Tariffs

Please read this first otherwise the prices won't make sense:

In 2014 all our tours are 5 Star quality tours. All of our private, custom and group 5 star tours offer a superior level of comfort and quality. We are the oldest and most respected bicycle tour company in Toronto. Our guides are knowledgeable and fully trained for almost any eventuality. We want your bicycle tour to be an unparalleled experience that will far exceed your expectations.

Private Tours
Our private tours are for one to 6 people. We never double book tours so if you book a group tour for two people, that is how many people will be on your tour. This allows us to be able to customize our tour specifically for your group.
Finding a place to park in downtown Toronto is difficult and very expensive. You can easily pay $20 or more to park your car in a lot for just a few hours. Parking on the street can mean a ticket for $30 and a $140 tow. Our prices include free secured parking for an unlimited number of cars.
We invite you to compare
Compare the price of our tours with others and you will find that because everything is included, usually you pay less and still get a five star experience. The ads on this page will allow you to compare our prices with the competition. If the ads displayed are not related to bike tours please contact us for a complete list.
Custom or Group Tours
Custom or group tours are for large groups of more than 6 people. We have loud hailers and 2-way radios and can provide extra marshals for really large groups. Please contact us with information on your specific needs and we will quickly send a quote.


Private tours without bicycle rentals……………………$125.

Private tours with bicycle rentals included…………250.

Prices marked are for one to six people, not per person. Our private tours include the guide's gratuity so no need to feel uncomfortable at the end of the tour. We never charge tax extra. Everything is always included.


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