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How do I get my bike to the starting point?

If you are coming by plane, the easiest way is to check which carriers will carry your bike at a reasonable cost. I use Air Transat and they charge $30 each leg of the flight. Typical off season rates for a seat are $600 return Toronto/Gatwick (London) and $800 for Toronto/Frankfurt. These prices include taxes and fees.


In Europe there are train stations in airports and you can get direct links to your starting point. In Germany you need a ticket for your bike and you cannot take them on ICE trains. In Britain there is usually no charge but often express trains don't take bicycles.



There is an alternative to renting a bicycle

Airplanes from North America usually leave in the afternoon or evening and arrive in Europe the next morning (losing you most of one day). Leave yourself another day for transit and book a hotel room for the evening of day one on the ground. Leaving from Europe planes usually arrive late morning or early afternoon of the same day in Toronto


If you find this confusing, we can help you with advice about travel arrangements. At any rate, when you book your tour we provide you with full information about connections.


How do I pack my bike?

Some people are very protective of their bikes. They buy custom made boxes for them that are very large and heavy. My question is: Where do you store the box? Check with your airline. What is their minimum requirement? Usually it is that the bike be in a cardboard box or a plastic bag with air out of the tires and bars turned and pedals off. You require a special tool to take off pedals. I go one step further and chock the front wheel forward with a very tight bungee cord or some tape. That will keep the wheel from turning. I have used the bag for years and only got damage once when I didn't chock the front wheel. Use the bag and you won't need to worry about where to store the box for the return flight.


How do I get to/from the airport?

In Europe you can take a train, the easiest way. If you have arrived in Toronto from Europe and wish to go downtown, or are leaving from downtown Toronto, the most convenient and cost effective way is to take public transport (TTC). From the airport go to Terminal two Arrivals and wait outside for the TTC Airport Express to the Kipling station. From any subway (tube) station in Toronto go to the Kipling station. Please note, not every station has an elevator, but Kipling does. Go up to the bus level and take the Airport Express. The total cost from anywhere in the city is one ticket or $2.75. Please note that buses have a bike rack on the front that takes two bikes only.


I find this too difficult. Who can I rent a bike from?

We partner with suppliers both in Canada and Europe to provide you with a good sturdy bike. City tour bikes are BIXI style bikes unless you wish to rent a specialty bike from us. European tour bikes tend to be Euro-tour standards of a cross between a mountain bike and a touring bike with pannier racks on the back and often also on the front.


You can look after renting your own bike or we can rent one for you from our partners. We do not mark-up rental charges. We follow their terms for changes and refunds.


Please see How to Pack a Bicycle


How to Bring Your Own Bike

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