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Guides for walking, cycling, bus and accessible tours in Toronto, Canada

Please read our refund/credit policy before you book our tours. It is the most consumer-friendly refund/credit policy in the industry. If you wish to change your booking more than 20 days ahead of the tour, refunds will be less 10%. Please do not cancel less than 7 days before the tour as you will not receive a refund.

You may change your tour dates and times (based on availability). With more than 30 days notice, there is no charge. You will receive a 75% credit if you make changes less than 30 days before the tour and a 50% credit within seven days.

Tours organizers who cancel less than seven (7) days before the tour will not receive a refund but we will be offered a 50% credit.

Be aware that tour participants and organizers (no matter the reason), who do not show up at the date and time agreed upon will receive no credit and no refund.

refund policy