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Welcome to the fourth year of We started quite modestly with offering bike tours of the City of Toronto. In our second year we grew to offer international and local and regional tours.


In 2012 we are concentrating on our core business of providing the best and most economical tours possible.

This is what we believe

The best price always

Everyone at works at the business. We don’t have any advisors or high priced help. We even make our own web site. (You may have noticed that.) We have a virtual office and no commissioned sales people, so our costs are low and we pass this on to our clients in the form of high quality bicycle tours at a very reasonable price.

Suitable bikes

Supported tours only require a bike with a handlebar bag where you can carry maps, lunch and snacks and a camera. Your bike should have space on the frame for a least one bottle of water. Your bike should have at least 5 gears and be capable of comfortably travelling about 12 kms/hr


Unsupported tours require a bike fitted out for touring with at least a rear rack, with 2 panniers bags, space on the frame for two water bottles and a handlebar bag for maps, snacks, lunch and a camera. You may wish to have a front rack and front pannier bags too to balance the load. You will probably need a bike with at least 5 gears on the back wheels and two on the pedals. The more gears, the easier the hills and faster the bike.

Rent or bring your own bike

Where tour companies encourage you to rent one of their bikes, we encourage you to bring your own and tell you how to do it safely and inexpensively. Assuming you have a good, well- maintained bike that fits you properly, you will be much more comfortable on it than any rental. No bike? No problem! Just let us know and we will rent you one of ours.

Safety and comfort

We take side roads and little travelled streets when we can’t take off road paths. We avoid heart pounding hills. We like a relaxed tour that we all can enjoy so our pace is more relaxed and there is always time to stop for a breath or take a photo.

Our tour guides

All staff members are customer oriented, so don’t expect to be ordered around by a drill sergeant. We like small hotels rather than chains and local restaurants rather than Michelin stars. We’ve taken each one of the tours and stayed at the accommodation so they are like comfortable shoes, you forget you are wearing them.

Hands on on the ground

We speak English and we never leave you stuck with just a phone number to call. We are with you every step of the way and our North American guides are pleasant and knowledgeable.

No nonsense pricing

Our prices are for the tours only. We can advise about making connections, but let you decide and make arrangements to come early before the tour or stay late after. Because we only do ground tours, that’s all you pay for. When you book your own flights or coach or rail transportation you save and get just the flight or trip deal you want. No Commissions!

Helping the environment

Our bike tours have little or no negative effect on the environment. Compare that to a vacation by automobile that may increase your carbon footprint by as much as 31%. We recommend use of public transport and make that easier by starting and ending tours at subway stations and train stations when possible.


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