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Netherland and Belgium: North Sea

Wales and southern England

A camping tour of central Germany. Down the Kyle river to the Mosell to the confluence with the Rhine and then north to Kolne  

Follow the North Sea Cycle Route from northern Holland to southern Belgium with side trips to Haarlem and Bruge

When the hills never end, you must be in Wales (or Cornwall). Ride a floating conveyer bridge and more

Allan Stokell is the Internet’s most vocal proponent of stealth camping. The only trouble is, no one seems to REALLY know what it is

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Crazyguyonabike link

Cycling in Bad Weather

Probably the best source of touring information on the planet. The site is minimalist, the info is brilliant

Into each life some rain must fall, or sleet, or snow or freezing rain or...

Castles, mountains, scenery and all about mediaeval walled towns and oompah-pah bands's signature tour for 2010 

What do you pack for that big trip? Allan Stokell explores the rational for being a minimalist.

Stealth camping and self- reliance

With the growth in popularity of extreme sports and survival reality television shows, Allan Stokell discusses what is self reliance and what is just plain stupid


Making Pizza on Tour

A tour expert tells you how to make pizza with just a simple stove, water, flour and whatever ingredients you have

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