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Guides for walking, cycling, bus and accessible tours in Toronto, Canada

Accessibility Policy


1. Our company ( complies with the Ontario Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.

2. We have policies in place to allow customers to use personal assistive devices while using our service.

3. Will make a reasonable effort to assure that our policies, practises and procedures are consistently followed within the core values of independence, dignity, integration and equality.

4. We communicate with people with disabilities in a manner that takes into account the disability.

5. train staff and volunteers to follow all procedures required to provide equal services to all customers.

6. We allow people with disabilities to bring a support person on a tour at a reduced rate (tandem bike rentals available upon request for all people with disabilities, but especially for those who are visually impaired).

7. We contact clients with disabilities if for any reason these accessible services are temporarily unavailable.

8. All our guides are AODA trained

9. has a process for feedback on the quality of services delivered to people with disabilities and a policy of continuous improvement.